Christian Dior recently commissioned a set of top Chinese artists to work with some of their archive pieces, which is now displayed since November 15th at Beijing’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art.

“As well as sumptuous and outrageously flamboyant recent Dior pieces by John Galliano and original Christian Dior creations, the show also features specially commissioned works by top Chinese artists, whose brief was to comment on what Dior is, stands for, or makes – basically they had to artistically express Dior.

Conceptually it’s a mixed bag but the ambition and visual results are pretty amazing. Li Songsong’s 23-feet high Lady Dior Bag is made out of carefully interlaced fluorescent tubes; Wang Qingsong has created an epic Last Supper featuring beautiful fashion models in new Galliano outfits and the artist himself as Jesus in hospital pyjamas (hospital drips replace the holy bread and wine). There’s also a recreation of the Dior atelier in white porcelain by the ceramicist Liu Jianhua, and a ten feet high painting of Galliano by graffiti artist Zhang Dali (whose graffiti tag is ‘AK 47’).” Via Wallpaper.

Have a look at some of the more impressive works of the exhibition after the jump.

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