Our features section has nicely filled up in recent weeks, so here is a little reminder post in case you have not checked them out recently. We sat down with The Changes Crew and talked to them about their recent exhibition at MU Eindhoven. Get a deep look into their work and in case you missed the exhibition, we have lots of images up giving you a nice recap. Andrea Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, talked to us about 55DSL, the brand that he founded and that is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. We also filmed Nigel Sylvester in action on his BMX and talked with him about BMX, sneakers, bikes and a lot more. Last but not least we did a quick check up with Wale, a name that is heavily circulating these days in the music industry.


Make sure to keep an eye on our Features section, as you can see, there is weekly new stuff coming up! Now enjoy…

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