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The Art of Music celebrates the graphic glory of concert posters. After an initial run in Los Angeles, the traveling show has moved to Stockholm’s Galleri Steinsland Berliner.

A little info: “After it’s debut in Los Angeles last September, The Art Of Music hits Europe for the very first time. The show reflects upon the profound influence that music has on art and simultaneously art has on music whilst recognizing their common creative approach. The Art Of Music emphasizes how artists tastes in music are always strongly related to their work. Each artist was asked to design the poster for the concert of his or her dream including the line-up of choice and any venue imaginable whether existing or not. For the Stockholm edition, Art of Music’s main curator Thomas Subreville collaborated with the swedish designer Anders Jandér (Museum Studio) to invite three local artists (Filip Tydén, Andreas och Fredrika and 1:2:3) to create their own concert poster and add them to the posters from the 15 artists already involved including PAM, Josh Petherick, Stefan Marx, Alter, Sanghon Kim, iLL-Studio, Artus, Ryan Waller, //DIY, La Boca, Smal and Paze, Steven Harrington, French, So-Me and Museum Studio…”

A selection of shots from the show after the jump.

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