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Today we have the pleasure of giving you a first exclusive look at the soon to be released first footwear to come from New York brand Mishka. Together with Adio, Mishka developed the sneaker, which in terms of looks can be clearly identified as a Mishka shoe. Pastelle colors, the use of magenta and the graphics more than hint at that. A rather subtle black/grey upper is mixed with a pink/blue sole and camouflage outer sole. A snake is embroidered around the ankle and the sneaker features several tags.

The Mishka NYC x Adio Sneaker will be released next Tuesday, December 9th. 50 will go on sale on the Mishka website and 50 will be available at un|steady in San Diego.

Now check out the quick interview we did with Mishka on their first footwear release, and also take a more detailed look at the sneaker. All that after the jump.

Hi guys, how is it going?

Busy as always

2) We wanted to talk to you about your latest addition to your collection – footwear. How long have you been working on the first Mishka sneaker?

God I think I submitted the final design for these well over a year ago?

Mishka x Adio Sneaker Preview

Mishka x Adio Sneaker Preview

3) Please give us some background on the design of the sneaker. What was your inspiration, what goal did you have with the shoe?

The goal was to create something simple, wearable yet eye catching and clearly identifiable as our design. We wanted to keep the main body clean and simple sticking to Blacks and grey and then use our trademark magenta and sea-foam for accents. From the outset i knew that I wanted a colorful mid-sole while the upper was more subdued. I’m not really sure why but i just really like the concept of playing with the mid-soles of shoes. I feel it frames the foot in a unique and interesting way. Then at the time of designing we were also working with the a snake icon as part of the Death Adder theme and I though adding it around ankle support would be a nice and unobtrusive touch.

4) Footwear seems to be a much more difficult task to handle than clothing. Is that true? And what issues does one have to be aware of when going into footwear?

I mean we had nothing to do with the manufacturing, that was all Adio. So I couldn’t really say what sort of headaches are involved with it and how it may differ from apparel manufacturing.

5) Let’s get to the info that everybody wants to know. When is the Mishka sneaker dropping, how many are being released and where will people be able to buy it?

Tuesday, December 9th. There will be 50 Available on our website and 50 available at Unsteady in San Diego.

Mishka x Adio Sneaker Preview

Mishka x Adio Sneaker Preview

6) Last but not least, now that you have completed your first footwear project – can we expect to see more footwear in the Mishka collections to come?

I’m gonna say a very big probably in regards to that.

7) Thanks for the quick chat and keep up the great work!

No dude, thank you!

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