Trying to explain to friends why old T26 newsprint catalogs (remember the hemp baggie?) and HOUSE Ind. posters are meticulously stored on my bookshelves is not an easy conversation. The art of type is a personal one and trying to describe the intricacies of type is difficult.  Publisher, Oak Knoll, is about to publish “the” guide to type entitled, The Typographic Desk Reference, that I hope will bring some guidance to my dilemma.

TDR describes itself best, “A quick reference guide of typographic terms and classification with definition of form and usage for Latin based writing systems. Handy for the desk, the TDR contains over a thousand facts on typography.” Ellen Lupton wrote the foreword for TDR. Look her up. This is a MUST buy for any lover of good logical design. While I’m at it, big ups to the emerging Portuguese type scene. Making me proud! (via ic)

Take a look at some of the page specimen’s The Typographic Desk Reference after the jump.

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