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We had the pleasure of checking out the Coarse Toys exhibition right before the opening today. Most of you should be familiar with the Hong Kong based premium toy makers. With most of their toys being handmade in very limited quantities, Coarse sets a standard for the market and keeps on impressing us.

Similar to their recent exhibition in Chicago, Coarse shows their latest figures at the 4010 store in Berlin Mitte from tonight. A couple of new characters joined the exhibition since Chicago and they are definitely worth checking out. You can see and feel the craftsmanship involved in each toy, which makes it a much better experience. When you sometimes feel like the designer toy movement has been too explored in recent years, Coarse brings it back to what it used to be.

Aside from checking out the exhibition, you can also purchase Coarse t-shirts and a couple of other accessories. Our favorite, the large Shark toy unfortunately goes for 15’000 USD. It is limited to only five pieces worldwide and handmade. In case you have some cash left over, you might want to consider.

Now head on after the jump to check out the complete Coarse Toys Exhibition.

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