Where form meets function

From December 19 until January 30, 2009, Philadelphia’s 222 Gallery hosts GROUP SHOW. Some big, alongside some small, names appear. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9-5 PM, and the location is 222 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA.

The description from the gallery reveals some of the intent and excitement that makes GROUP SHOW:

This exhibition plays off the pretentious nature of the group show, which over time has grown to be ubiquitous, all encompassing, prolific, and aspiring to be bigger and better with every manifestation. By exaggerating the title, and striving to showcase the variety of talent within our company’s expanding, bi-coastal network (primarily the talent present in Philadelphia), GROUP SHOW will overwhelm the visitor through walls packed with art in the salon-style, showing up to 3 works from established and emerging artists, including Ryan Beck, Maureen Duffy, David Ellis, Emily Erb, John Freeborn, Futura, Ryan McGinness, Diana Meaker, Todd St. John, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Trā Sipple, and many more.

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