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A new shoe company is on the horizon from the and of doubledeckers and Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Hare based in London, UK is perusing a path which brings footwear back to its “Purest Form” (also the name of his first collection) during this time of “imminent change.” 

“Mr. Hare’s man is sartorially, a swan amongst geese, worldly in the modern way and as rural as urban. Equipped with charm and good humour in spite of the times. Mr. Hare’s man is comfortable in himself and displays attitude not on his sleeve, but in the engagement of the audience he has since departed.”

Look for Mr. Hare Shoes to premiere sometime in January/February 2009 in London and Paris with their classic oxfords and derbys. For now, we leave you with some preview looks after the jump. 

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