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Today we came across the new book showcasing the various concept cars and motorcycles by Italian designer Franco Sbarro, entitled “Concept Cars”.

“The beauty of Sbarro’s conceptual aesthetic is that the results are always fully functional, albeit occasionally rather eccentric in appearance. Sbarro’s passion has always been sports cars and bikes, although recent projects have focused on two and three-wheeled solutions for urban mobility (with the emphasis on extreme performance).

Concept Cars is a fascinating summary of a career spent on the fringe of automotive extremism.” Via Wallpaper.

We enjoy the extremes that the designer presents. Most of these cars were built in the 70’s, looking at them today they remind you of action heroes and comic worlds, at least that’s what first came to mind for us, yet that was not the intention at the time and thus makes it so interesting today.

Have a look at some more works by Franco Sbarro after the jump.

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