Where the runway meets the street

When we interviewed the guys at Outlier they told us about an upcoming program of experimental drops. These are limited runs of future product, still in the works, but ready for a firm test run. The pieces are released in small batches of ten, and this week sees the launch of four of these garments. Today, a version of the OG Pant in a new workwear fabric is available. Less stretch than previous trousers, the pant is built of tough canvas with a soft fleece lining. Tomorrow, the first Outlier product for the upper body is up for grabs. The Tech Hoodie comes in the same fabric as the winter weight OG Pant. Another pant is on tap for Thursday, this time a heavy cotton, with all the tech appeal we’ve learned to expect from Outlier. Finally, on Friday, the workwear version of the Tech Hoodie hits the online store.

View the Workwear pant and a preview of the Tech Hoodie after the jump.

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