After Prada and Armani, German luxury brand Hugo Boss is the latest to join in on producing a collaborative cellphone with Korean brand Samsung.

Leaving the technical specs on the side for a moment, we can only say that we are a little disappointed. In general we think it is a good move for these brands to enter this market, as it is part of the lifestyle. But at the same time we expected a little more. If you put the Prada, Armani and Hugo Boss cellphones side by side, you will notice that they are pretty much exactly the same phones, the only difference being the logo on the front. They all have touchscreens, they are all black and they have the same buttons. From a high end luxury fashion house we expect more – more consideration of their client, more unique styling and the hunger to innovate when entering a new market, at least from a design perspective.

Somebody who purchases one of these phones is not looking for the latest functions. You can get that from the iPhone or the Android G1 much cheaper. They are looking for unique looks and so far they have failed in delivering that. Let’s be honest – the iPhone beats them in looks any day.

The Hugo Boss phone comes with a touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player, radio and all the other functionality that one expects from a modern cellphone.

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Hugo Boss Cellphone

Hugo Boss Cellphone

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