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A new store has opened its doors this week in Gothenburg, Sweden – Supermarket. Scandinavia has always been on the up-front of fashion and it continues to be the case. The people from Shelta have gone a little more up-scale and present at Supermarket brands such as Chrome Bags, Our Legacy, Head Porter, UnRivaled, Wood Wood, S.N.S. Herning, Be Positive, Fiberops, Rogues Gallery, Pointer, Levi’s Vintage, Double Goose, Nom de Guerre and Nike Quickstrike. They also keep a good amount of vintage stock from Ralph Lauren, Levi’s Red and Wrangler.

Andra Långgatan 18

Definitely worth a stop on your next Sweden trip. For those of you, that are not too often in Sweden, make sure to check out their online store.

After the jump more images of the clean interior of the new store.

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