French book company Assouline has impressed us with various projects in recent years, namely the Goyard collaborations and of course their impressive line-up of premium books, taking publishing to a new level, unseen from other publishers out there. It’s also the product surrounding the books that makes the brand stand out.

Another one of those unexpected, yet interesting collaborations has recently been released. Assouline designed a leather bag for Cole Haan. The genuine leather bag is perfect to carry your favorite books, magazines and your laptop. The bag comes with an embossed Didot alphabet. The lining comes in canvas and also features some more practical pockets.

The Assouline Leather Bag by Cole Haan is exclusively available in the Assouline flagshop store in the Plaza in New York and goes for 450 USD.

More detailed images follow after the jump.

Assouline x Cole Haan Leather Bag

Assouline x Cole Haan Leather Bag

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