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Today we come across an interesting new collection by Danish design Hans Madsen. Hans Madsen graduated from The Royal College of Art in London in 2007, with great reviews from the press. Since then Hans has been busy: Helping Diesel with their luxury line “Diesel Black Gold”, winning numerous design awards and doing collabs with Collette in Paris just to name a few.

The exclusive collection from Hans Madsen for Force Of Nature, Copenhagen, is characteristic in its high quality materials. A key element of Madsen’s work is “Nordic folklore reinvented” with a contemporary approach to military clothing. The collection consists of a jacket, hoodie, cardigan, as well as several t-shirts, with each piece having a unique cut and look.

Force of Nature
Birkegade 25 kld.
2200 Copenhagen N.

Have a detailed look at the Hans Madsen For Force Of Nature collection after the jump.

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