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The New Grand Tour is an episodic art project featuring revolving guest artists with hyphenated cultural and geographical backgrounds. The artists and documentary crew travel together to different parts of the globe and express through art exhibitions, the subject matter of towns and cultures they visit.

The goal of The New Grand Tour in the early 21st Century is to bring together the diversified voices of artists and communities from around the world by bridging cultural divides through art and the moving image as the common grounds for communication, education, discovery, exchange, philanthropy and collaboration.

This book chronicles the travels of Suitman (aka Young Kim), Jose Parla, Romon Kimin Yang, Deanne Cheuk and Davi Russo as they embark on a journey through China and engage in a cultural exchange that impacted their life and work forever.

The book is now available from O.H.W.O.W.

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