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Powerhouse worked together with Dickies on the book “Working in Los Angeles”. B+ documents the life of the working force on Los Angeles. The book can be pre-ordered here.

“Everything comes easy for Angelenos with our uncompromising weather, the flawless glamour machine, overnight success stories, naturally immaculate bodies and it’s all for free. This is the blueprint of Los Angeles that lines a lot of pockets and flushes others down the toilet. Buy into it and live one of the most exciting rides in the urban theme park. You don’t always do what you set out to achieve but respectable work in L.A. can lead you down an unexpected path of fulfillment, if you don’t get caught up in the distractions. The “City of Angels” is powered by the accomplishments of all who live here. Isn’t Los Angeles defined by the work we do, aren’t we what we do and where we do it?
Many races, cultures, faiths and credos endure pulling their weight in this unique city. It takes an unshakable passion in order to maintain this necessary strength to endure. Working in L.A. brings pride to those devoted to what they do amidst a gritty and sometimes unstable environment. This city is what you make it, shunning any outsider who refuses to believe in its greatness. Don’t assume L.A. owes you anything, contribute something, many great individuals with grand ideas have broken through here. Find your niche and L.A. will remain close to your heart. Tycoons, architects, teamsters, taco vendors and everything in between work in this one of a kind place called Los Angeles. The following photographs prove this all to be fact, a legitimate testament to the unique charisma of those who work in L.A. B+ has captured the essence of the worker with his honest portrait of the Angeleno. Each subject offers you a glimpse into this distinct breed, the working force of L.A.”

For the release of the book, Dickies and Lodown Magazine organized an exhibition in Barcelona this week.

Galeria Zero
Carrer dels Canvis Nous, 1, 08003, Barcelona, Spain
close to the gothic church Santa Maria del Mar in the district La Ribera

Opening Party:
Thursday, the 22nd of January, 5pm to 11pm

Brian Cross will be present at the Opening Party
and available for book signing.

Take a look inside the book and at the exhibition flyer after the jump.

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