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A great new pack of New Era caps is releasing in Europe this week – the “Fantastic 4” pack. Inspired by the characters of the famous Marvel Comic, the pack consists of overall four caps.

Mr Fantastic is made of Neoprene, showing his stretchy capabilities. The Invisible Woman – she’s invisible only half of the time, so half of the cap is transparent vinyl. Look through the back of the unworn product and The Invisible Woman looks back at you! The Human Torch is made of black jersey to replicate his suit, it’s greatest feature is the firey lining. The Thing, probably the finest interpretation of a Marvel Character on a 59Fifty to date – the crown is debossed and HD printed to give the look and texture of the Things Rocky Flesh.

New Era retailers across Europe will be receiving the New Era “Fantastic 4” pack this week.

Detailed images follow after the jump.

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