Charlie Isoe’s pictorial compositions are based largely on his personal experiences and observations he makes of his immediate social surroundings. Isoe left school at the age of sixteen and immersed himself in a world of graffiti, skateboarding, travel, and life on the streets.  As he entered his twenties, already well traveled, rich in experiences with different kinds of highs and broken bones, he went back to attain a high school diploma, and subsequently a Degree in Fine Art. For the last three years, Isoe has been living in Europe as a freelance artist, observer and wanderer. His work has been seen on the streets of Australia, Thailand, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic and Germany.

The exhibition opens this Friday, February 13, and runs until April 4, 2009. The show is Isoe’s first in Europe and is presented at Circleculture Gallery Berlin.

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