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Linked by their elevated status and longevity as two ’80’s icons that have been elevated far beyond their niche intent to become cult classics amongst connoisseurs as hard-to-find status symbols for collectors, trendsetters and those-in-the know, the Grand Slam and Kegler Super, originally created with tennis and training in mind respectively. Then there’s the legendary plug cushioning system. Allowing the wearer to alter the variable-density properties of the sole, it broke ground and still carries aesthetic-appeal, unlike the garish technologies that the latter half of the decade ushered in.

These makeups, created exclusively for the Consortium range, mix premium materials with a striking mix of bright green and brown on the Kegler Super, and a bright red upper for the usually muted Grand Slam, adding a ridged, textured rear panel and subtle ‘fade’ effect, highlighting the plugs themselves. A blue top eyelet completes this duo, offering a completely new approach to colour for some truly pioneering designs.

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