An interesting collaboration is coming from Stussy Deluxe and Seattle based Maiden Noir, currently previewing at the (Capsule) Show in Las Vegas. We see t-shirt, hoodie and all other sorts of collaborations all the time, but denim is will rare. The two brands worked on a black and blue pair of denim, both coming with suspenders. The blue pair will be sold through Stussy and the black pair through Maiden Noir retailers. The Stussy Deluxe denim will feature a red suspender, the Maiden Noir distributed denim will feature the above color. This is the second collaboration for Stussy Deluxe. The first being the coming footwear collection with Dr. Martens.

A collaboration that we are definitely looking out for this Fall. More detailed images of the Stussy Deluxe x Maiden Noir Denim follow after the jump.

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