Together with our friends from Fairtilizer we present you an interview with Big Sean and an exclusive playlist that he created for us. Big Sean has recently been signed by Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and is now working with fellow artist Pharrell and The Dream.

We touched base with Big Sean on how his work with Kanye West started, about music and also his favorite brands and much more.

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What’s up Big Sean, what are you up to currently?

Man just grinding. Finalizing this album, getting ready to drop this mixtape with 10.deep, and doing shows…that’s about it, just really trying to get the music out there, you know?

How did you hook up with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music?

Very long story! I actually sat and told how I got on and met Kanye on the this 5 part Youtube series called “UKNOWBIGSEAN”. It’s a long story, but to sum it up in a few words…by a series of crazy events, and after a bunch of things going wrong, I got a chance to rap for Kanye at a radio station right here in Detroit as he was walking out…he ended up really liking the rap and listened to the CD I gave him. To sum up a long series of events, he ended up following up with me eventually and ended up signing me. Took a couple years and it’s actually a hell of a story. I think anybody who has a dream or a goal should really check out how I got on. I’ve heard it’s quite inspirational, and like I said you can check it out on Youtube or

Being signed by Kanye is the dream of a million of artists on the grind, what made you stand out?

I think what made me stand out is my individuality and voice, I guess Kanye saw something he thought could possibly be big. He’s one of the realest and toughest critics in the game. So for him to take a liking to me was unbelievable. I’ve been with Kanye when other people try to rap for him and nothing has ever come out of it. And everytime something like that happens I always say in my head “damn I feel their pain” because they’re doing exactly what I did, but for some reason it just worked for me. But I’ll tell you this, I didn’t get lucky in anyway because I work harder than most I feel. I feel like anybody and everybody in life who does a craft and has a dream gets ONE SHOT! You have to decide if you’ll be ready or not.

2009 will be a big year for you, going from the mixtape game to putting out your debut album on GOOD/Def Jam. What should we expect?

You should expect nothing but the best. Seriously. I think the album is going to be considered classic! I really put my heart and soul in this project…tears, long nights! It all shows on the music I think though. I just hope people hear it. That’s all I care about. Hopefully people buy it, but if they burn it, fuck it! I would rather have somebody who is not going to buy my album burn it and listen to it, then to not hear it at all. But overall I hope people buy it and love it! I’m also looking foward to releasing UKNOWBIGSEAN the mixtape. Because I feel like it will be my intro to a lot of people, and I’m definitely excited 10.deep is going to get behind it.

How is it working with heavywights like Kanye, Pharrell, The-Dream?

A dream come true. They are all very professional and very talented. Pharrell actually requested to work with me after he heard me rap so that was like a dream come true. He’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in the industry. The-Dream is definitely amazing. You get in the studio with him and you just need to book a hour or two. He’s quick with his work but it’s so quality. I don’t know how he does it. Kanye is the king. Working with him is always a blessing. The thing I admire about Kanye is he’ll stay at something till it’s just right. I admire his perfection.

What was exciting musically in 2008?

NERD, Kanye, TI, MIA, Santagold, Coldplay, etc. It was a very exciting year I think. I think in 2008 people really opened up more musically. I think people started embracing and appreciating good quality music.

What will be exciting musically in 2009?

GOOD Music the label will be a force to be reckoned with this year. It’s a lot of new energy this year, I’m anxious to see what’s going to happen.

Hottest brands in 2008?

Bape, 10.deep, LV, Nike, BBC/Ice Cream, Levi, Nudi. That’s just streetwear…

Hottest brands in 2009?

Bape, BBC/IC, 10.deep, LV, etc. Some new lines emerging too this year that’s dope, Burn Rubber, Fli Pelican, BirdBrain, etc. It’s going to be a good year for clothes too. Nikes are always essential. Vans are cool too. The Kanye LV shoes are by far amazing though…

The game has drastically changed in recent years. Do you feel the era of CDs is over?

No I just feel like it’s changed. I feel like in order for someone to buy a CD of you, I just think they want to be more connected to the artist. They just can’t like just the single and buy the album, those days are over. You can go on the internet and grab any song you want now. So I think in order for someone to buy your product they have to really care about you and want to support you. I think the era of the CD isn’t over, just completely different.

How important is the internet for your grind?

It is as important as air to me. As a new artist trying to get out here, the internet is key for me and artist like me. Because people don’t know who the fuck we are. But the interenet gives them access to check us out and to give them insight in our lives. The internet is the wave of the future. People are starting to live on it.

How do you see the internet evolve in the coming years?

I think the internet is just getting bigger and bigger. I feel like the more convenient, faster and easier it gets, the more it will expand and be used. I think the internet is really taking over the world. EVERYTHING is on the net!

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