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Nike SB presents the 3rd part of their custom series. This time they worked with the amateurs Amateurs Daryl Angel, Clark Hassler, Justin Brock and Grant Taylor. Each amateur chose a sneaker and helped on the design of it. The outcome is a Blazer SB Elite, Dunk Mid Premium SB, Blazer Low Hybrid Premium and a Dunk Low Premium SB. All four sneakers come with matching t-shirts. The Blazer Low Hybrid Premium and the Dunk Low Premium SB will be released in March 2009. The Blazer SB Elite and the Dunk Mid Premium SB (both pictured above) will only be released in April 2009.

“There’s always been something about skating on cars that has fascinated me. Maybe it’s from watching 80’s skate videos when I was a kid. It seemed like there was always a car involved, whether it was Gonz doing a 50-50 on the roof of a car at the Savannah Slamma contest or Lance doing a boneless out of the back of a delivery truck in Future Primitive.

The 3rd Volume of the Nike SB Custom Series features SB Amateurs Daryl Angel, Clark Hassler, Justin Brock and Grant Taylor. I came up with a specific car for each guy knowing this would be the perfect group to push the boundaries of skateboarding on cars. Each car reflects not just the different colors and ideas incorporated into their shoes but how they skate as well.

The Custom Series has become an important aspect of Nike SB’s history. Not only do the riders get to color and skate in any SB shoe they want, we get the opportunity to take a new approach to skateboard photography. Have a look at Volume 3 of the Nike SB Custom Series.” -Jon Humphries.

Now take a look in detail at all four sneakers and t-shirts, as well as some nice lookbook shots of the gear and the riders after the jump.

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