Puma and Alexander McQueen continue their collaboration. For their new collection they have now produced this short film., entitled “Ghost”.

“The collaboration between the acclaimed British designer and the legendary German apparel brand is all about “power” and “inner force,” drawing inspiration from the griffin, the mythical creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle, and the fierce elegance of sparring boxers. The latter reference is the subject of Ghost, a short promotional film directed by veteran music video guru Saam Farahmand that is now making the rounds online. The film, which features fighters attacking one another with the grace of ballerinas and a choir singing over low, booming drums as the Alexander McQueen and Puma logos appear, definitely has a stroke of the legendary, enhanced by its combination of slow-motion and high-speed cameras and its postproduction “ghosting” techniques.” Via Vman.

Check out the film here above!

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