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After recently releasing a collaborative watch with Nooka, and putting out their newest issue with artwork by André, LTD Mag is at it again and now worked with Etnies Plus on a sneaker coop.

The Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon sneaker comes with a black/grey camo pattern on the upper, which has been printed on a layer of reflective material. The premium leather and patent leather are a nice finish. Limited to only 300 pairs worldwide, the sneaker will be released at premium boutiques on March 15th.

Read an Interview with Hawaii Mike of LTD Mag after the jump, giving you all the info you need to know about the sneaker. Also more detailed images follow.

1) Hi Hawaii, how is everything going these days?

All is going well, it’s a crazy time but you just have to keep your head up and keep pushing forward.
Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker | Hawaii Mike Interview

Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

2) We are seeing some exciting stuff coming from you guys. Just recently you came out with a Nooka watch, now you have worked with Etnies Plus. How did this project evolve?

Thank you sir. Ironically enough, we actually started with the sneaker first, then we did the watch to match. It just turned out the watch was ready for market before the sneaker. The project came about while i was getting my sleeve done by Troy Denning at Invisible NYC. We’ve worked together on Green Label Art, become good friends and we both happen to be from the Bay Area (California). The idea to do a sneaker just came about in conversation while he was tattooing me, so I made a call and here we are.
Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

3) Please give us some more info about the shoe. Why did you choose this particular shoe and how did the design come about?

We chose the Weldon cause we liked the silhouette and thought it lent the best palette. We wanted pattern that let’s you blend into the city, shows subtle strength and pops when in the spotlight. What came out is a black/grey camo pattern on reflective material along with nice leather and a touch of patent.
Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

4) Where will it release? When will it release? And for the sneaker heads, how many will be coming out?

They will be sold at a few select shops including Reed Space (NY), Blends (CA) and Shoe Gallery (FL). 300 pairs total and they drop March 15th.

5) LTD is a limited edition magazine. What is the idea behind your collaborations?

It depends on how the collaboration begins and what the inspiration is  for it. We like to approach everything as an additional piece to our ever growing puzzle. Sometimes they stand alone well and other times we will group them together. At the end of the day we want any collaboration we work on to be mutually beneficial, it has to work for both parties.
Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

Etnies Plus x LTD Mag Weldon Sneaker

6) Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Talk to you soon!

Thank you sir. Make sure you get your pair, we’ll see you in Berlin.

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