New Deal presents a group of young artists that live and work in New York City. Engaged in all mediums, the work has common threads that deal with the general milieu of the 1990s and early 2000s. Themes of media saturated culture, MySpace, digital cameras, societal anxiety, Internet search engines, the role of the modern artist, forms of impersonal communication, political unrest, and the importance of decision-making during transitional periods are present throughout the work. This show is a platform for a fresh group of artists and strives to generate a dialogue among the greater art community in New York City by breaking down boundaries of the clique mentality. During this time of change and uncertainty, we are in the beginning of a new era of opportunities and ideas. This is the perfect time for a new group of artists to emerge – inseparable from the environment from which they have arisen.

New Deal is presented the Art Production fund and Aaron Bondaroff (via aNYthing).

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