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Ron English will soon be back in London for the “Lazarus Rising” exhibition at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms.

“The new exhibition “Lazarus Rising” continues this theme, now dwelling on the unprecedented changes in the global economy, using prototypes of iconic cartoon characters and US comic books, so close to American culture and yet suddenly revealing in new ways.

By focusing on the under-the-surface meanings and obscure connotations of American icons, Ron English resurrects their original purpose by revealing the façade. It is by highlighting their inner contradiction that the usually open and recognisable public faces can then be seen for what they really are: tools that serve as corporate shills.

By distorting commonly recognisable characters English is able to change the narrative, and in effect, cancel out the oligarchic cooption. There is a certain illusive nature to American culture that, in the artist’s opinion, could definitely use a counterbalance.”

The exhibition runs from May 8th until June 6th. Some more previews follow after the jump.

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