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After our post on the Audiowood vs. Technics direct drives turntables, we did some digging. We figure if you’re willing to go back to vinyl for the richness and warmth, you might be interested in taking it to the next level of antiquated tech with some custom reel-to-reel players and recorders. 

It’s a niche market for sure but with the rise and awareness of the benefit of analog music, reel-to-reels are gaining some ground, though slowly. The pricepoint is a roadblock to some. Take J-Corder’s Custom Technics  1700 Tape Deck. The standard options for this machine include the finished sides, front panel and VU meters. Included are standard red Technics reels and hubs.”

It is all about the warm and wide soundstage of the analog world.

More views of the J-Corder Custom Reel-to-Reels Players and Recorders after the jump.

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