“Photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino / Styling Serge Girardi / Model Victor Callens” (Coute que Coute)

02. Moncler – The duck that laid the golden egg

“What is as light as a feather — or at least the weight of a mobile phone — and worn by both movie stars and mountaineers?” (IHT)

03. World’s Fastest Production Car for Sale on eBay

“The car — the actual car — that unseated the Bugatti Veyron to become the fastest production car on the planet is for sale on eBay” (Wired)

04. L.L. Bean’s Brunswick, Maine Factory Tour

“Walking into L.L. Bean’s factory in Brunswick, Maine feels exactly like it should. It smells of stale, virulent solvents; of tannery leathers oiled thick…” (Allplaidout)

05 Red and Blue Fans by Itho

“Never seen a fan like this one by Itho, a Dutch company that doesn’t seem to make commercial tabletop products anymore. Pity.” (mcm)

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