From the ground up

After Marok’s participation in the Nike 1World Project, it is now the turn of Feride Uslu (Uslu Airlines), another Berlin based artist. The brand of the artist, Uslu Airlines, is known for their cosmetic grade airbrush system and especially for their high quality nail polish. Uslu Airlines has made a strong name for itself over the years. Collaborations with colette, Bernhard Wilhelm, as well as the participation in the recent Barbie 50th Anniversary Project are only a few of the great products that Uslu was involved in.

True to the name of their brand, Uslu Airlines was inspired by airplanes and the airport for their Air Force 1 Mid. The sneaker comes with a sheep lining, the very same used for the pilot seats in the cockpit. The green tongue logo tag stands for the signal color of the tower on all airports and the neon yellow tongue for the security vests of airport employees. The laces are white with a pink line going through it, which is a hint at the cords of a parachute. The strap reminds of the seat belts in the airplane and the inner sole reflects the color spectrum of Uslu as a brand. Last but not least, the 3M Swoosh is also a nice touch

As you can see, a lot of thought went into the Nike 1World Air Force 1 Mid Uslu Airlines and the outcome is a special, yet very wearable sneaker. Wood Wood Berlin will be hosting a release event on April 3rd and afterwards the sneaker will be available at Tier Zero accounts around the globe from April 11th.

Check out the video below, which was produced for the release of the sneaker, once again showing many elements of the inspiration that went into the sneaker.

Many more detailed images of the Nike 1World Air Force 1 Uslu Airlines follow after the jump.

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