From the ground up

We present you the last part of the Lacoste Crocodile Mythology, which once again consists of three sneakers, that will be coming out in June 2009 – Rene Lacoste Japan, Ogata India and Ibiza Amazonia.

The Rene Lacoste Japan is inspired from the traditional Japanese silk kimono. The upper fabric has a satin feel to it whilst the print is a digital interpretation of a crocodile skin print.

The Ogata India was inspired by the local cultures in India. The ornate stitching on the upper is based on the motifs and iconography found in Hindu temples whilst the bright pink highlights are emotive of the local textile colours. The grey leather shoe outlines have a crocodile pattern embossed on them and the colours come from colour of the Mugger croc.

The Ibiza Amazonia takes its colouring from the crocodile with a black reptile pattern leather used across the upper. Bright yellow colour pops represent the yellow of the Brazilian flag and the graphic pattern around the shoe and the inner sock was inspired by tribal designs of the Karaja Indians.

Each shoe is packaged in a special edition box and contains a booklet and postcard pack which outlines the stories behind the myth and the legend of Lacoste.

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