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Tomorrow the inochi exhibition will open in the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo. The show is also the premier of the inochi action figure in five new outfits. Produced by Medicom for Takashi Murakami, inochi is limited to 200 pieces in each version and they are priced at approximately 1500 USD. A limited amount of figures will be available for purchase directly at the show, which runs until April 16th.

“Fashioned with an astounding attention to detail, the inochi action figure is a small-scale replica of the original sculpture, created by world renowned toy manufacturer Medicom Toy. Like its larger counterpart, which was subject to over six years of work before reaching completion, the action figure has been in planning for nearly three years. The result features a level of perfection that exceeds that of a mere toy and accords it the status of a work of art. The figure also comes with costuming, in the form of inochi’s school uniform and rucksack, both of which are removable. Each figure will be available with costumes in 5 colors, identical to those worn by the original, and also as a special set of 5.”

We will keep you posted on the figures!

A larger image of the toys follows after the jump.

Takashi Murakami "inochi" Action Figure By Medicom

Takashi Murakami- Image via

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