Where form meets function

The trio listed above is showing at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin starting today, April 9, 2009. The exhibition has been curated by Aaron Rose, who has this to say about the assembled works:

This exhibition serves to focus on the recent artistic output by three underground heroes from the worlds of skateboarding, graffiti and punk. Even though each of these artists has now firmly established themselves in the world of contemporary art, there are still common themes between them that hail back to their subcultural roots. It could be described primarily as an overriding sense of concern for and representation of the downtrodden, the outsider, the anti-hero. McGee’s sad, sullen faces and neon-colored geometric panels reflect the archetypal image of man overpowered by omnipresent media, Templeton’s portraits of suburban youths perfectly illustrate the harsh alienation of teenage life, while Pettibon’s drawings and paintings focus sharply on issues of personal/social unrest, life during war and the constant power struggle between a man and his destiny. The fact that this is the first time an exhibition has featured all three artists in such direct proximity to each other will be an interesting statement not only on each artists’ individual style, but also the unique similarities that run through all of their works.

We chatted with Rose last week, check that and a preview of the exhibition here.

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