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During last weeks Basel World watch fair, Hamilton has presented their new ODC X-02 watch. Fully aware of the current trend, Hamilton gave the futuristic watch an all black matt case.

“In a futuristic shaped case, appropriately modelled on the cross-section of an aircraft’s wing, this timepiece allows the wearer to be in three places at once. This is possible thanks to three separate, oblong dials, each revealing the time in a different location.”

The watch was inspired by Hamilton watch that appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s 1966 movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” and features a black titanium case and matching rubber strap. We really like the design and one can surely not argue about the quality. In terms of usability they should have consisdered an AM/PM indication, otherwise the three time zones might become complicated. The watch will be released in September 2009 and go for 1750 USD.

Take a more detailed look at the Hamilton ODC X-02 Watch after the jump.

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