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We get a first look at the iDiom 2010 Collection and we are very pleased with what we see. The grey/purple and blank/pink color combinations are very strong and also the styles and silhouettes are looking really good. We were not big fans of last seasons green range, but the brand is back in full effect this coming winter.

“Hiroshi Fujiwara is the real Creative Director behind iDiom. I’m more or less the Art Director. For 2010, Hiroshi wanted to do a muted “stealthy” collection. Somewhat inspired by military themes, but not talking “camo” and “jungle”. More like “Ghost Recon” meets “Stealth Bomber” military. So the outside look of iDiom 2010 is very flat, matte and monochrome. The insides are all very bright and contrasting. The cuts and fits are all new as well. Not as baggy as other snowboarding clothes. More of a natural fit.” Jeff Staple in a mashKULTURE Interview.

Take a detailed look at more jackets and pants from the iDiom 2010 Collection after the jump.

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