01. Bob Dylan, interview with Bill Flanagan

“Bob Dylan rarely gives interviews and when he does they are rarely revealing. But in the run up to the release of his 33rd album, Together Through Life, he has been engaged in a long and fascinating conversation with leading US rock critic and MTV producer, Bill Flanagan.” (Telegraph UK)

02. Upswing in Men’s Clothing Market

“London mayor Boris Johnson and French president Nicolas Sarkozy should be rejoicing: apparently, their exhortations to shop, shop, shop have not fallen on deaf ears after all.” (FT.com)

03. Europe’s Largest Easter Egg Benefits Earthquake Victims

“In an event sponsored by Euroma2, a mega shopping mall in the EUR district of the city, a 2500 kilogram dark chocolate egg was put on display and then publicly broken with a hammer (see photo above).” (Eternallycool)

04. Sara Lee headquarters by Marco Hemmerling

“Architect Marco Hemmerling has designed the headquarters of cup cake brand Sara Lee in Cologne, Germany.” (Dezeen)

05. The Hardcore Archeologist

Think Reference Library for the study of hardcore/punk rock music ephemera. Awesome. (HC Archeologist)

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