01. Wallpaper* Retail Directory 2009

“The smell of burning plastic may be a little passé these days, but the fresh-paint aroma of a brand new shop is as enticing as ever. nd it’s not about instant gratification, either. Well, not entirely. We like to think of shopping as doing our bit for the global economy.” (Wallpaper*)

02. Neil Young’s 1959 Lincvolt Hybrid (above)

“It is not often that we get to combine our passion for music, good design, green technologies, and hot 1950’s classic vehicles, so we take any opportunity that we can get. Neil Young recently released his latest album “Fork in the Road”, which is dedicated to the Lincvolt project that transformed his classic Lincoln Continental into a hot zero emissions vehicle that gets 100mpg.” (Inhabitant)

03. Kaweco Acrylic Leadholders

“So what is a “leadholder”? My abbreviated nutshell summary is that they are simple mechanical holders for wide diameter leads. Wide usually means 2 millimeters (mm) or more. Today, there are three common wide lead diameters – 2mm, 3.15mm, and 5.6mm.” (Penciltalk)

04. Muji Water Bottle

“Why am I such a sucker for this stuff?  I could take any old bottle to the gym with me to fill with water but no, not me. I have just got to get me this water bottle from Muji.” (Ianclaridge)

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