01. Backstage at Galliano’ Exhibit Is a Psychedelic Mind Trip

“For the fall 2008 and spring 2009 seasons, photographer Mark Leibowitz went backstage at the John Gallianoready-to-wear fashion shows. And rather than pointing his lens solely at the clothes and the models, he shot the chaos that goes on behind the scenes.” (NY Mag)

02. Cult author JG Ballard dies at 78

“The author JG Ballard, famed for novels such as Crash and Empire of the Sun, has died aged 78 after a long illness. Despite being referred to as a science fiction writer, Jim Ballard said his books were instead ‘picturing the psychology of the future’.” (BBC)

03. First All-White Leica M8 Spotted in Tokyo

“The first model of Leica’s chic new limited edition all-white digital camera which we scooped the world on earlier this month has just been spotted at the Audi Forum Tokyo. It’s pictured above with a velvet purple Audi R8 as a backdrop.” (Luxist)

04. Vatican to Build Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant (above)

“The Vatican is going solar in a big way. The smallest country in the world recently announced that it intends to spend 660 million dollars to create what will effectively be Europe’s largest solar power plant. This massive 100 megawatt photovoltaic installation will provide enough energy to make the Vatican the first solar powered nation state in the world!” (Inhabitant)

05. The Symba – Return of the Honda Super Cub

“In 1958, Honda, with the help of San Yang Motorcycle company of Taiwan, introduced the Super Cub motorbike. The two-wheeler saw immense popularity the world over, but Honda stopped selling the bike in The States in 1983.” (Swipelife)

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