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Today we can give you a first detailed look at the new CLOT Spring/Summer 2009 “CLOTone” Collection. The line plays with different themes, each featuring clothes of different styles, silhouettes and colors.

“There are 5 tiers under CLOTone collection. Each color evicts a different emotion, i.e. Earth, Power, Playful, Pure and Dark. All these tiers are actually the extension of a style of a person. Thus, CLOT decided to make clothes with colors and designs and silhouettes that matched the corresponding emotion. So for EARTH we have some jungle safari shirts, for POWER we have some nice dress shirts that are more formal and elegant, DARK we have Terror Parka, with a darker side, the more mysterious and evil side, PLAYFUL is like the FDC. LOT Jacket, the clothes are more colorful and the actual designs are quite irregular and fun, PURE clothing is sleek simple and basic. So depending what kind of person u are, or how you feeling that day CLOTONE lets u choose how to speak without speaking, and that is the message you give off with the clothes you wear.”

In terms of quality, CLOT also raised the bar this season, with all t-shirts being made in Japan. Compared to last season the new line is definitely a step in the right direction, featuring many nice shirts and technical jackets, as well as some interesting accessories.

Juice Hong Kong will be releasing the new collection some time late April.

Take a detailed look at the CLOT Spring/Summer 2009 “CLOTone” Collection after the jump.

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