The Ballistic Luggage Collection by Visvim is every season a favorite of ours. Solid pieces, good colors and of course all that at the highest leve of quality. For Spring/Summer 2009 Visvim introduces new models into the collection and offers each piece in several colorways.

We present you the Ballistic Lumber 8L, a waist pack, which comes in four colorways. The Ballistic E-Cat 18L Messenger Bag comes in four colorways as well, just like the Ballistic 20L backpack. Another highlight in the collection is the Ballistic 25L Backpack, which comes in only two colorways and is the biggest size in the line this season. For the Ballistic 25L Visvim also offers Gore-Tex covers, matching their Nomad jackets.

The Visvim Spring/Summer 2009 Ballistic Luggage Collection will be released at Undefeated tomorrow, April 24th.

Detailed images of all backpacks, waist packs and messenger bags in all colorways follow after the jump.

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