Barbara Spadaro has been a member of Highwire Gallery for fifteen years, exhibiting in and around Philly in many venues. Her most recent work explores the natural, irrepressible human need to move from fact to fable. From contemporary toys to the pages of a medieval bestiary, humans have recast and reimaged animals to suit our psychic needs. The compromised boundaries of a centaur and the warm fuzziness of a plush toy state both our kinship with, and our separateness from, the animal world. We incorporate images and objects to construct fables. Our cautionary tales distance us from danger and absolve us of the guilt associated with reality. We maintain both our mastery and our innocence.

This installation by Spadaro explores the malleable boundaries between humans and animals, juxtaposing the realities of wild ecosystems, farming, and our nutritional need, with the tales we tell.

From Fact to Fables A Modern Bestiary opens on May 1, 2009 at Highwire Gallery (2040 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA). Runs the full month.

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