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Boston seemed an appropriate venue for Nike’s launch of the new LunarGlide+ running sneaker last weekend on the eve of the Boston Marathon. Many consider the Boston Marathon the real start of Spring in the city, and why not showcase new running technology that pushes the idea of “no compromise” footwear for athletes?

Phil McCartney, Global Product Director for Nike Running, spoke on the idea of “no compromise” in the development of the LunarGlide+ “Dynamic Cushioning” system.

“The new Dynamic Support system shatters the myth that runners must compromise by selecting between two industry-standard categories: stability or cushioning. The Dynamic Support system in the Nike LunarGlide+ mid-sole combines the best of both. It is designed with a lightweight LunarLite foam core that sits within a firmer foam carriage and features a rear-foot wedge, providing stability when needed.”

To push the issue further, those in attendance at the presentation were outfitted with a pair of their own LunarGlide+ sneakers to work in. I, for one, broke my pair in immediately as I  began my first run in preparation for the “Epic Urban Boston” event this coming August. There is indeed an aggressive focus on the cushioning in the sneaker which only seemed to soften each stride.

More importantly to the consumer market, this technology is coming in at a very affordable 100$US per pair. Nike hopes to not only change the running world but also make it economical for you to be as comfortable as possible in a pair of running sneakers. Look for the Nike LunarGlide+ to arrive in stores at the beginning of July.

Images from the launch event follow after the jump.

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