01. DIY Styrofoam Turntable (above)

“The basic idea behind this project was to design and engineer a low-cost do-it-yourself Turntable kit made out of high density styrofoam (Think styrofoam MDF!).” (Teenage Engineering)

02. SIGG Lunchbox

“If brown-baggin’ it at work is your thing, you’re going to love Sigg’s new lunch box design by Masato Yamamoto. The plastic box is surrounded in a brushed metal housing which opens to reveal a lid with built-in trays to store the included cutlery…” (Acquire)

03. The Best New Sunglasses

Making up your mind on what eyewear to sport for the new season is never easy, as there is so much out there. Check out the new The Upgrader Round-Up on the best new sunglasses. (men.style.com)

04. The “Black” Shop

Dover Street Market in London welcomes the temporary Comme des Garcons “Black” Shop. Special items and in-store setup were created for the new product line, which will reside inside DSM for 3 months. (DSM)

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