As previewed last week, Quintin is a new hat company specializing in a new style – a fitted 5 panel. The spring/summer 2009 line introduces this new product, in a variety of looks and materials. From leather to seersucker, Quintin has worked to transfer their cutting edge silhouette to a range of look and feel.

With the official drop nearing, we hit up Brett Wiley to learn more about Quintin and get an exclusive look at the hats.

Check the spring/summer line and read the interview after the jump.

HS: What’s the process and impetus for designing a 5 panel fitted?

BW: We created the 5 panel fitted as just a test to see if we could make this style and make it work. With a lot of trial and error we locked down the final sample. It’s actually an amazing piece because alot of people can’t rock a 5950 and then their are people that can’t rock a 5 panel. This is the happy medium a 5 panel that fits true to that of a 5950. It’s a great concept and we are thankful that the patent is already in the process. When you have a great idea such as this you have to make sure you lock down your avenues.

HS: Some great material choices so far, ballistic nylon and seersucker, have you found these all play well with the silhouette? Where there any challenges?

BW: The first challenge was getting the fit. In order for it to fit true to size we had to cut a number of samples to make the silhouette perfect. Now that we have the perfect fit we have begun to start double backing the whole structure so it is a rigid and tough fit. The fit is amazing, it actually fits better than your typical fitted baseball hat.

HS: Tell me little about Quintin and what it brings to the hat market.

BW: In our previous endeavors we have always followed the others. Quintin is the trail blazer for this new style of hat. We are really happy with how fast everything has come about and the leaps and bounds we are making everyday. Now that the fit is in order it’s all about building the brand and taking it in the direction we want. The best part is there is no one telling us what we have to do. We do what we want. As long as the design and materials is on the forefront of everything we do, we are golden.

HS: Triumvir is a clear early collaborator, any other teasers you can offer?

BW: We took our past experience of working with our fam over at Triumvir and offered them this flip. It’s a great hat ballistic nylon with a black seersucker lining. In addition to Triumvir we have some other great projects in the que – such as Vic Llyod from LDRS, Subrosa BMX, an amazing project with the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia that we will begin to drop soon. Everything is aligned and now it’s up to us to make the most of every project and make sure it is successful for both parties. Collaborations are a dime a dozen these days so we want to make sure we put 150% effort into every piece we choose to work on, otherwise they will just get lost.

HS: What would be your ultimate 5-Panel, from the standpoint of material?

BW: The ultimate 5 panel, does that even exist? We just want to make sure everything we produce is clean, and subtle. We are taking a minimalistic approach with the least amount of branding and just let the fabric and lines of the hats do the talking.

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