01. SELECTISM on Twitter

#follow –  www.twitter.com/selectism

02. Newson Chair Sells for Design-Art Record 1.1 Million Pounds 

“An aluminum “Lockheed Lounge” chair by Marc Newson, once used in a Madonna video, sold today in London for 1.1 million pounds ($1.6 million), an auction record for a piece of contemporary design art.” (bloomberg)

03. Aerospoke’s 20th Anniversary

“To celebrate Aerospoke’s 20th anniversary, there’s a new range of paint fade colourways of the world’s most Marmite of wheels. These are pretty pimping of you like that kind of stuff, personally I prefer the solid colours.” (fixedmag)

04. Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tour Under Brooklyn June 7th (above)

“The narrated walking tour led by Bob Diamond, who rediscovered the tunnel in 1980, lasts approximately an hour and a half.” (photo: Justin N Lane) (bhra)

05. More Sex Makes Better Sperm

“Couples who hope to boost their chances of conceiving by abstaining from sex for days or even weeks, pay attention: You might not be helping. Australian researchers have found that, at least for 42 fertility challenged males in their study, frequent sex appears to improve sperm quality.” (portfolio)

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