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We have an incredibly diverse group of writers here at Selectism. Nick S., our man down in Philadelphia, spends a great deal of time thinking about 18th century tattoos, furniture, hip-hop, and Abe Lincoln with the 21st Century Abe Project.

Nick and the team down at the 21st Cenury Abe Project are celebrating Pres. Lincoln’s 200th birthday with an online celebration of his life by looking at his heritage through 21st century eyes. You’ll find a great deal of exciting content on 21st Century Abe, including original musicaly works by Bryce Dessler of The National, and of course, this excellent Stove Pipe Hat produced by Quintin.

The Stove Pipe Hat includes a wool outer, and satin lining with a letter written by Gideon Welles by Lincoln on the inside which reproduces a message sent in 1861 which many consider the signal for the coming start of the Civil War. Note: Lincoln used to store notes in his hat.

You want heritage wear. This is it. More views of the Abe Stove Pipe Hat after the jump.

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