01. Here & There – A Horizonless Map of New York

“Here & There is a project by S&W exploring speculative projections of dense cities. These maps of Manhattan look uptown from 3rd and 7th, and downtown from 3rd and 35th.” (+kn)

02. Audemars Gets Its Kicks On Route 27

“Though that summer share in the Hamptons might be coming at a discount this year, Audemars Piguet’s new limited-edition timepiece, dubbed the Montauk Highway, isn’t. At $20,300, the Swiss brand’s latest addition to its Royal Oak Offshore line is unapologetically deluxe and anything but retiring: In eye-catching aqua, white, and brown, the chronometer demands attention.” (men.style)


03. Recycling Typography (above)

“Companies move, update their logos and cease to exist, their fascia signs are taken down and demolished. Why? Character takes the dismantled signs, which have been part of the cityscape for years, even decades, and gives them a new life…” (yatzer)


04. Thom Browne’s CEO and CFO Have Left, But He’s Doing Great. Really.

“On Friday, WWD rained on our happy-hour planning with the abrupt announcement that Thom Browne’s CEO and CFO had left the label. CEO Tom Becker and CFO Thomas Cunningham decided to leave on their own, according to Browne’s spokeswoman Miki Higasa…” (nymag)


05. Docks de Paris / Jakob + MacFarlane

“The Docks de Paris project by Paris based architecture studio Jakob + MacFarlane is nearing completion. The building was first designed in 2004 for a competition held by the city of Paris. Jakob + MacFarlane’s entry eventually won the competition and has been underway since 2007.” (archdaily)

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