Jetsetgraffiti gets together with artist Mark Dean Veca to discuss his materpiece that was first shown last Fall, Phantasmagoria.

“Interesting how the artist sees his work in relation to other artists around him. In this exhibition, he pays homage to KAWS, Damien Hirst, Michelangelo, and others. In the same breathe, he creates a juxtaposition between those masters of their craft, and the pop-cultural elements that have made their biggest impact on our modern life. Old vs. New, Refined vs. LowBrow; this creates a very balanced approach to his work. One that is easily enjoyed and understood on many levels. Take it at face value, or take it as we do: An incredibly accurate portrayal of art history and an indication of where we are going in the contemporary arts today…”

If you want to pick up a print from the show, BLK/MRKT Gallery still has a few in stock. Check out the video interview here above.

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