Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro focuses his attention on simplicity and usability. His impetus is the need to find innovative solutions to everyday needs – via beautiful, functional, and practical objects.

Above is the “On The Spit” storage system. This allows users to customize the shapes and sizes of their storage modules, all hanging from a wooden beam. The length of the beam, just like the shapes and sizes of the containers, is fully customizable.

The Metamerick Table (after the jump) is built from a series of trapezoidal modules. This allows customatization not just of the size, but also the shape. Finally, his lighting system, the Booaz Lamp, takes from the natural characteristics of ceramics to resist heat. (via Yatzer).

The table and the Booaz Lamp after the jump.

curated mag - Giorgio Biscaro | New Works

curated mag - Giorgio Biscaro | New Works

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