Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

01. JVC intros 8K/4K video projector and 4K camera

JVC Japan has recently announced it will soon begin shipping its D-ILA 3 (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) 8K and 4K video front-projector that is capable of throwing up 8192×4320 resolution images, or more than 35 megapixels.” (electronista)

02. Morgan Aero SuperSports

“As part of the Centenary celebrations Morgan announces a truly special model. Designed and engineered in house, the Morgan Aero SuperSports is a lightweight aluminium sports car with a luxurious specification.” (momist)

03. Perkiomen Motorcycle Market Revs Up The Town Of Oley

“There are motorcycle shows, and then there is Oley. Formally known as the Perkiomen National Meet and Motorcycle Show, this event is welcomed into this small town annually, as are the thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts that descend upon the fair grounds at the Oley Fire Company.” (aatao)

04. BBC BLAST STUDIO – An experiment in creativity

“The BBC BLAST STUDIO is now live. Take the controls of custom built devices and get creative. Everything you see and do here happens in realtime.” (cpluv)

05. Quimby The Mouse (above)

“A video put together by Chris Ware for our spring 2009 event “This American Life — Live!” — in which Ira Glass hosts an actual episode of the radio program, performed onstage by some of our favorite contributors.” (vimeo)

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