01. House in Chihuahua / PRODUCTORA (above)

“The House In Chihuahua is part of a golf club community in the desertlike northern region of Mexico. The dwelling was designed to accommodate the special climatic circumstances of the area…” (archdaily)

02. Design for a Living World now open at the Cooper-Hewitt

“The latest Cooper-Hewitt exhibition, aptly titled Design For A Living World, combines the thoughtful material research of an environmental scientist, the sexy design aesthetics of the highest end showrooms, and the celebrity and travel itinerary of a reality TV series.” (core77)

03. Nielsen: Alcohol Beverage Sales Strained

“While consumers aren’t necessarily going on the wagon, their consumption habits have changed significantly. With 56 percent of consumers dining in and 37 percent frequenting bars and clubs less often, buyers of alcoholic beverages now have an increased focus on value and price.” (brandweek)

04. Vivienne Westwood to give talk at Latitude

“The flamboyant fashion designer will appear at the Suffolk festival’sLiterary Arena, alongside acclaimed pop artist Peter Blake – the man behind The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ cover.” (nme)

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